I currently am going through a transition in my life. I have been through so many things in the most recent years of my life. I’ve learned lessons, learned about life, learned how to forgive & how to constantly stay in motion. I created this official blog to talk about life as it is, an inspirational piece that can motivate even the ones who feel they are alone. Cuz in all reality, we aren’t alone. We were created through a dynamic design that cannot be broken through spirit. But, even the most spiritual of humans experience the theft of one’s conscious. Our conscious can be stolen by world thought, material riches, power, love, thought & much more. This is the reasoning behind my first ever project… scheduled for release in late October 2013. I haven’t crowned a name for it just yet but right now it’s in progress…

I’m reading a lot of different material now, like Velocity by Dean Koontz, Art of War by Sun Tzu, and most of all on and off (I know I need to work on it) The Bible. I am no preacher, I am no saint, I am a sinner born woman who want’s to be in the light of The Creator. I desire peace like other women desire the latest gossip, shoes & handbag. I desire joy like other men desire the baddest bitch, the latest Versace piece & a handgun. You see, my words are like a weapon with epic aim like a marksmen. I can only explain my words in this form. Walls are meant to be broken… I give you part I of the breakdown.

-Bless Up