f | a | ! | t | h


having it. is one thing. while experiencing it’s results is another. I’m an avid believer in faith. faith in The Creator, the universe & yourself. I used to have faith in people. Then I realized, you must have faith in The Creator


and people last.

Today… show and proved a lot for me. God gave me tears of joy & still wiped them away because at the

end of the day

I had to look to the sky (beyond the clouds, the rain & realize)

F A I T H brought me through the day.

Do you believe in faith? Do you have faith in you?

Expand, experience & exercise your FAITH. it’s only the size of a

seed. yet weighs a TON on your life.




WELL. . .

One of my favorite shots from a shoot recently published by : Street Etiquette. There’s something to say about this man right here…. DONT PLAY WITH HIM. Under any circumstances. From his bearded face, his gold teeth below & the half grimace on his face & the soul you see through his eyes. The photo in itself depicts a man that’s been through and in fact had faith while going through. Whether it was in The Creator or himself alone. He’s dressed VERY WELL. His coiffure WELL DONE. I give him a 10 out of 10. Well done. Click photo for more on the shoot. Bless Up!





I currently am going through a transition in my life. I have been through so many things in the most recent years of my life. I’ve learned lessons, learned about life, learned how to forgive & how to constantly stay in motion. I created this official blog to talk about life as it is, an inspirational piece that can motivate even the ones who feel they are alone. Cuz in all reality, we aren’t alone. We were created through a dynamic design that cannot be broken through spirit. But, even the most spiritual of humans experience the theft of one’s conscious. Our conscious can be stolen by world thought, material riches, power, love, thought & much more. This is the reasoning behind my first ever project… scheduled for release in late October 2013. I haven’t crowned a name for it just yet but right now it’s in progress…

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