f | a | ! | t | h


having it. is one thing. while experiencing it’s results is another. I’m an avid believer in faith. faith in The Creator, the universe & yourself. I used to have faith in people. Then I realized, you must have faith in The Creator


and people last.

Today… show and proved a lot for me. God gave me tears of joy & still wiped them away because at the

end of the day

I had to look to the sky (beyond the clouds, the rain & realize)

F A I T H brought me through the day.

Do you believe in faith? Do you have faith in you?

Expand, experience & exercise your FAITH. it’s only the size of a

seed. yet weighs a TON on your life.




WELL. . .

One of my favorite shots from a shoot recently published by : Street Etiquette. There’s something to say about this man right here…. DONT PLAY WITH HIM. Under any circumstances. From his bearded face, his gold teeth below & the half grimace on his face & the soul you see through his eyes. The photo in itself depicts a man that’s been through and in fact had faith while going through. Whether it was in The Creator or himself alone. He’s dressed VERY WELL. His coiffure WELL DONE. I give him a 10 out of 10. Well done. Click photo for more on the shoot. Bless Up!